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Freese and Schulman architectural firms have joined their forces and are now working side by side in shared premises and with combined resources. Both offices are highly experienced with a good reputation in demanding renovations as well as architectural restoration and conservation.

The practice is specialized in architectural planning and research of significant historic buildings, but masters also the designing of annexes and new buildings. Our strength lies in problem solving, creative design and the understanding of larger entities. The promotion of sustainable solutions and innovations is crucial to us. Having high regard for authenticity, our restorations are done with piety. According to these principles the new design must therefore represent its own time. The art of restoration and renovation is creative work based on knowledge and vision.

Handling all the different stages of a building project including architectural services from drafting and planning to building permits and contract documents is part of our practice. Respecting the client’s needs forms the basis of our work. A long co-operation with authorities has given us understanding of the importance of preliminary consulting, when dealing with challenging building projects.

Along with their work in planning, architects Simo Freese, Sari Schulman, Johanna Luhtala and Eva Knif are also involved in the academic world of teaching in the schools of architecture. Both of the offices are members of The Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL). Schulman Oy was founded in 1994 and Freese Oy in 2006.

The Finnish National Theatre, Vuojoki and Håkansböle mansions as well as the Lallukka Artists’ Home are some examples of the projects executed during the past years. Current and recent projects include the medieval Häme Castle, the Alexander Theatre and Ainola, the home of Sibelius. Alterations of old industrial sites into cultural use have been designed for Högfors foundry and the gas and electric power plants of Suvilahti as well as preliminary plans for the factory areas of Tampere and Jönköping in Sweden. Examples of office and work spaces include the premises of Otava Publishing Company Ltd and the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim. New building projects range from a factory extension and an innovative floating restaurant pavilion in Helsinki to many private houses.

Our customers include Senate Properties, National Board of Antiquities, University Properties of Finland Ltd, the Cities of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo as well as numerous corporations and individuals.